Murder! Mystery! And Suspenders?

Murder! Mystery! And Suspenders? Programme Cover

a comedy whodunit by Karen Doling

Directed by Mike Sparks and David Constable

July 2008

Saturday 12th at 8.00pm
Sunday 13th at 8.00pm

The full programme [53K pdf] for this production is available from the archive

There are some pictures on Murder! Mystery! And Suspenders? gallery page

Sir Timothy De'Ath has been found murdered in the library of his home. There is a mystery to be solved but everyone is acting suspiciously.

Constance Payne seems to spend all her time at women's lib meetings. Ivor Payne keeps popping round to see Megan De'Ath, the victim's daughter. Harry Flash regularly turns up at the house with deliveries of boxes. With a collection of dotty maids and typically blunt policemen, all of the usual suspects are present... a suspender belt. Just like their alibis, it could lose its elasticity at any minute.

Whodunit? Who knows?!


The library at the home of Sir Timothy De'Ath

Act 1

1. Thursday morning
2. Friday morning
3. Saturday morning
4. Later that day
5. Two years earlier
6. Saturday evening

Act 2

1. Sunday evening
2. A few days later
3. The next day
4. The next day
5. Later that night
6. The next day

Sir Timothy De'Ath, the victimIan Antony-Paul
Bull, the old retainerMike Sparks
Megan De'Ath, daughter of the deceasedSally Martin
Constance Payne, a womens's libberPenni Nachir
Dotty, a maidCarol Renfrew
Inspector Butler, a policemanPaul Sparks
Ivor Payne, husband of ConstanceJeffrey Benge
Harold 'Harry' Flash, a delivery manMichael Lamb
Chief Inspector CornerIan Antony-Paul
Production Team
DirectorMike Sparks
 David Constable
CostumeJenny Sparks
LightingMartin Higgins
Andy Higgins
Box OfficeBetty Burgess
Programme & Publicity DesignDavid Constable

Programme Notes

Welcome to the Guild Players fourth and final production of the 2007/08 season - Karen Doling's "Murder! Mystery! and Suspenders?"

We hope you will find this light and amusing piece just the thing for a summer evening.

Building on the success of our regular Holy Week touring productions, tonight we are using our recently acquired portable staging to change the layout of the hall. We hope this experimental setup will provide both a different viewpoint for the audience and a new challenge for the actors.

The first show of our 2008/09 season will be the pantomime "Aladdin". Performances will be on 10th to 13th December.

Our next production is
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Thur 25 to Sat 27 April 2024 at 7.30pm
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